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The Braxia Health Clinic Advantage

Braxia has built a successful, vertically-integrated ecosystem to foster innovation and clinical excellence that increases operational efficiencies. This allows the company to research, develop, and perform advanced clinical trials within our own clinics.

Braxia Scientific's

Value Proposition.


Braxia is a world leader in depression research based on publications in peer-reviewed journals and human capital


The organization is led by one of the world’s leading depression researchers (rated by Expertscape)


Established clinics with access to patients for ketamine and other psychedelic therapy


Extensive relationships with international pharmaceutical companies


Led by #1-ranked Depression Researcher in the world

Dr. McIntyre has treated
over 100,000 people with depression

Dr. Roger McIntyre named by Clarivate Analytics as one of the World’s Most Influential Minds.

Data related to ketamine
and psychedelics

Braxia Scientific is the only company that has published articles in peer-reviewed journals.

Our work on brain health
is gaining traction.

Expertscape reports research conducted at Braxia Health top-rated expert in the world in depression.

Published in
American Journal of Psychiatry

Published the protocol for mental health treatment setting the Standard of Care worldwide by Dr. McIntyre.


Leading the way with largest clinic research footprint in the world.


Leading the world in the clinical application of ketamine-based treatments to help those suffering from depression and related mental disorders in 5 of our own and expanding, state-of-the-art, and fully-operational clinic network across North America and Europe.


Braxia principals revolutionized clinical practice impacting all development and clinics involved in the emerging global psychedelic industry as published in the American Journal of Psychiatry Jan 2021. Braxia is training new and existing physicians to achieve certification in the framework.


Develop ketamine, psychedelic- based formulations, and other rapid onset treatments, as well as IP-capable delivery methods through our advanced research and development and clinical trials.