Braxia Institute Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy Training Program Request for Applications for Class of 2023

Application Deadline: June 22, 2022 • Program Start Date: July 2022


Brief Description

Up to 20 qualified therapists will be selected for the training program. The training program will include didactic teaching, peer teaching, group discussion and simulations followed by a practicum component. The practicum component will include administering psilocybin-assisted therapy for individuals with depression as part of a Health Canada approved clinical trial. We hope to recruit an interdisciplinary group of physicians, psychologists and psychotherapists. Therapists will work in dyads, pairing physician therapists with non-physician therapists as at least one physician is required for all psilocybin doses administered. You will receive group peer-supervision throughout the program. The goal of the course is to become fully competent to perform psilocybin-assisted therapy for future clinical trials and clinical care.

Program Components and Time Commitment:

  • Component 1: Required reading (20-40 hours)
  • Component 2: Team intensive training (2-day in person course July 23-24, 2022)
  • Component 3: Practicum – hands-on experience in Mississauga, ON with 4 cases of psilocybin-assisted therapy with a minimum of 6 dosing sessions, including at least 2 cases that receive 2 dosing sessions (20-40 hours per case, including 8-hour dosing sessions, preparatory sessions and integration sessions; part-time over 6-12 months)
  • Component 4: Group supervision throughout the duration of component 3
  • Trainees must complete all four components with no exceptions (e.g., you cannot select to do just a single component).
  • No component of this training program includes personal use of psilocybin.

Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Fully licensed to independently practice psychotherapy and/or medicine in Ontario
  • No previous experience with psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is required
  • Committed to complete all components of training, including in-person training and practicum components which will take place in a clinic in the Greater Toronto Area

Cost and Course Fees

Trainees are expected to cover all personal costs and expenses to attend the course (e.g., travel, hotel fees, etc.). There will be no additional cost for this training program, however, we do require a commitment to complete all components, including the full practicum component with 4 cases minimum. We are interested in finding the most qualified, empathic, passionate and committed therapists to participate in this program and do not want cost to prevent participation.

Apply online using the following link

Application Deadline:
June 22, 2022

Program Start Date:
July 2022